The Iron Maiden, Albums and their Live Perfomance

The Iron Maiden

The British Heavy Metal Band in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, comprises sixteen studio records, in addition to countless live records, compilations, EPs, singles, video clip records, audio video clips, along with box collections.
Guitarist Adrian Smith substituted Stratton; also Killers premiered in 1981. After this calendar year, vocalist Bruce Dickinson replaced Paul Di’Anno, signalling the launch of the run of top ten high-impact releases. They issued the Amount of the Beast,” getting the group’s Very First launch to the UK charts, also Obtained a platinum certificate at the Recording Industry Association of the United States.

Drummer Nicko McBrain substituted Clive Burr, and also the group published Little Bit of Brain at 1983, Accompanied closely by Powerslave (1984). Their next theory record, Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, had been launched in 1988, also topped the UK charts.

The following united kingdom No. inch record, Fear of the Dark, had been launched in 1992, and then Dickinson left the ring from the subsequent calendar year. [8] His replacement,” Blaze Bayley, debuted in 1995 together with all The x-factor, a record which indicated a drop from the group’s livelihood. The reduced fan fascination with 1998 using digital XI motivated Bayley’s passing.

Dickinson and Smith came back into the group in 1999, and also a new record, Brave New World, premiered in 2000. Three decades after, the Dance of Death was published. Back in 2006, they issued A Matter of Life and Death, that obtained, together side both previous studio releases, also a golden certificate from the BPI. Back in 2010,” Iron Maiden issued the Closing Frontier, that had been favourably received by critics, also debuted at No. 1 ) at more than one-hundred states, for example, the UK.

Their sixteenth studio attempt, The Novel of Souls, has been produced on 4 September 2015 and turned into their fifth most substantial united kingdom No. inch record. All in all, the group have sold among 80 and 100 million records throughout the world.

AlbumsRelease Date
Iron MaidenReleased: 14 April 1980
KillersReleased: 2 February 1981 
The Number of the BeastReleased: 22 March 1982
A Matter of Life and DeathReleased: 25 August 2006
Piece of MindReleased: 16 May 1983
PowerslaveReleased: 3 September 1984
Somewhere in TimeReleased: 29 September 1986
The Final FrontierReleased: 13 August 2010
Seventh Son of a Seventh SonReleased: 11 April 1988
No Prayer for the DyingReleased: 1 October 1990
Fear of the DarkReleased: 11 May 1992
The X FactorReleased: 2 October 1995
Virtual XIReleased: 23 March 1998
Brave New WorldReleased: 29 May 2000
Dance of DeathReleased: 8 September 2003
The Book of SoulsReleased: 4 September 2015
Live albumsRelease Date
Live After DeathReleased: 14 October 1985
A Real Live OneReleased: 22 March 1993
A Real Dead OneReleased: 18 October 1993
Live at DoningtonReleased: 8 November 1993
Rock in RioReleased: 25 March 2002
BBC ArchivesReleased: 4 November 2002
Beast over HammersmithReleased: 4 November 2002
Death on the RoadReleased: 29 August 2005
Flight 666Released: 25 May 2009
En Vivo!Released: 26 March 2012
Maiden England ’88Released: 25 March 2013
The Book of Souls: Live ChapterReleased: 17 November 2017
Compilation albumsRelease Date
Best of the BeastReleased: 23 September 1996
Ed HunterReleased: 17 May 1999
Best of the ‘B’ SidesReleased: 4 November 2002
Edward the GreatReleased: 4 November 2002
The Essential Iron MaidenReleased: 5 July 2005
Somewhere Back in Time Released: 12 May 2008
From Fear to EternityReleased: 6 June 2011
SinglesRelease Date
Running Free
Women in Uniform
Twilight Zone
Run to the Hills
The Number of the Beast
Flight of Icarus
The Trooper
2 Minutes to Midnight
Aces High
Running Free  (Live in 1985)
Run to the Hills  (Live in 1985)
Wasted Years
Stranger in a Strange Land
Can I Play With Madness
The Evil That Men Do
The Clairvoyant  (Live in 1988)
Infinite Dreams  (Live in 1988) 1989
Holy Smoke
Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter
Be Quick or Be Dead
Wasting Love
From Here to Eternity
Fear of the Dark  (Live in 1992)
Hallowed Be Thy Name  (Live in 1993)
Man on the Edge1995
Lord of the Flies
The Angel and the Gambler
The Wicker Man
Out of the Silent Planet
Run to the Hills  (Live in 2001) 2002
Wildest Dreams
The Number of the Beast  (2005 Reissue)
The Trooper  (Live in 2003)
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 
Different World
El Dorado
Satellite 15… The Final Frontier 
Speed of Light2015

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